David Warwick


David Warwick

Image | Matt Slater

Boat name


Fishing Method

Demersal Trawl

David Warwick fishes from the Cornish port of Mevagissey. He is a third generation fisherman who hopes that his sons will be able to follow in his footsteps, just as he did in those of his Father and Grandfather.

His boat the Valhalla is a 12m long stern trawler made in the Orkney Isles. The demersal trawl that Dave uses has a larger mesh size than required. This allows undersized fish a better chance of escape. He has improved the selectivity of his fishing by avoiding fishing at night when he finds he catches too much haddock.  Like all Cornish trawlers he lands an astonishing variety of different types of fish. 

David sells his fish at fish markets across the south west.

The Valhalla arriving at Newlyn to land her catch, Photo Laurence Hartwell ©