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Alexander Schepin


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Boat name

Intuition TO40

Fishing Method


Introducting Alexander Schepin, who is a crew member from the Intuition TO40, one vessel of The Real Cornish Crab Company's potting fleet.  He uses baited pots to capture crabs and lobsters, a highly selective and sustainable method.

Alexander tells us about how he got into fishing and ended up in Cornwall. 

"I am 36 years old and have been working at sea since I was 19. I always wanted to go to sea ever since I was a child because my father was a seaman. After school I would go to motorman courses to train to work on tankers, then I worked on a tanker, then I worked on a tanker fleet for 11 years. Living on a boat can be hard but I've never been seasick! I have been crab fishing now for 6 years and I like my job a lot."  

To try Alexanders fresh localy and sustainably sourced shellfish, head over to The Real Cornish Crab Company's website here. 

Fish Caught



Hommarus gammarus

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