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Ben George

Sennen Cove

Ben George

Image | Nina Constable

Boat name

PZ28 Boy Joseph

Fishing Method

Hook and line

Ben George is a young fisherman from Sennen Cove, the most westerly village in Cornwall.  Ben fishes from a small cove boat using handlines for mackerel, pollack, bass, and squid. He part of a fishing family that have worked from Sennen Cove for generations. 

Ben fishes with hook and line for a range of species. This fishing method is selective and will only catch fish when they are feeding. 

He sells his fish to Matthew Stevens and Sons and W Stevenson in Newlyn, and you can buy small quantities from Ben if you are lucky enough to catch him at the harbour. Keep up to date with his catch via his Facebook.

Fish Caught


Bass, Seabass

Dicentrarchus labrax

mackerel by Sarah McCartney


Scomber scombrus

Pollack by Sarah McCartney


Pollachius pollachius


Squid, European

Loligo vulgaris

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