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Joe Emmett

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Hook and line, Potting

 Joe Emmett comes from a fishing family and he has been fishing since he was a child. He owned his first boat, a small dinghy at the age of seven and started working as a fisherman at the age of thirteen, becoming full-time as soon as he left school.

Joe bought his first commercial fishing boat in 2002 and since then has been specialising in sustainable potting and line fishing. His boat the Phra-nang (SS66) is a fast crabber based in the tidal port of Newquay on Cornwall's north coast. Joe is passionate about fishing sustainably and hopes that his son will follow in his footsteps into the industry.

He has worked to modify the way he fishes to make it as efficient and as targetted as possible, switching to larger pots, spaced further apart to half the number of pots used, whilst retaining the same catch level. He also uses state of the art technology to ensure he puts the pots on the most suitable grounds and works hard to ensure that he minimises the chance of loosing gear to trawlers and scallopers who work the same areas as him.

When not potting for shellfsh he also handline fishes for mackerel and pollack, a very sustainable and selective method of fishing. His catch is landed the same day it is caught and it is well looked after with all the fish iced and stored in cold boxes on board. Joe is also a real foodie and is passionate about cooking with fresh Cornish seafood, look out for recipes by him on our website. 

You can see what is being caught and order on Instagram or contact via 07970378680. 


Fish Caught

Spider crab by Sarah McCartney

Cornish King Crab

Maja brachydactyla



Hommarus gammarus

mackerel by Sarah McCartney


Scomber scombrus

Pollack by Sarah McCartney


Pollachius pollachius


Squid, European

Loligo vulgaris

Whiting by Marc Dando


Merlangius merlangus

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