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Cornish Sole in White Wine Sauce

Megrim Sole in White Wine Sauce by Matt Slater
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Cornish megrim with a creamy white wine and mushroom sauce served with baby new potatoes, spinach, and asparagus spears. The sweet and delicate flavours of the meaty ‘Cornish Sole’ pair well with the crisp dry white wine and button mushroom crème fresh sauce. 
Serves two


Recipe is provided by Simon Grey of the Food Teachers Centre. An organisation that is working through its Fish Heros campaign to encourage lots more school food teachers to use sustainble seafood in classrooms across the UK. 


Prep time : 15 minutes

Cooking time : 15 minutes


1. Boil new potatoes and asparagus separately till just cooked and cool immediately in cold water, cut potato into rounds when cool. Blanch spinach in hot water, squeeze out water till dry. Set aside ingredients covered in a fridge till needed. Thinly slice button mushroom.

2. Place white wine and fish stock in a thick bottomed frying pan with the mushrooms and bring to the boil and reduce by half.

3. Roll each quarter fillet of Megrim starting at the tail end. Place the fillets into the pan with the reduced liquid and cover with foil or a lid that fits. Turn down the heat and gently poach for 4 mins or till lightly cooked.

4. Take out the fish and keep warm. Reduce liquid by half again. Add 2tbsp of crème fresh to the cooking liquid and warm through.

5. Melt butter in a saucepan add spinach, season with salt and pepper and reheat. Reheat asparagus and potatoes in lightly salted water and drain.

6. Plate up two plates, start by placing spinach in the centre and surround with rounds of baby potatoes. Add 3 stems of asparagus to each plate. Place at angles so spears point outwards.

7. Place Megrim fillets on top of the spinach and spoon mushroom sauce over the fish and around the plate

8. Garnish with Dill on top of the fish.

Cornish Sole, Megrim

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