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Poached Oyster Summer Roll

Poached Oyster Summer Roll by Katy a
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Katy Davidson



A healthy, delicious and colourful snack that is low on carbs but high on flavour. Utilising light and versatile rice paper, this paleo friendly recipe uses oysters in an exciting new way, particularly for those who don’t always want to eat them raw. This recipe is brought to you by Katy Davidson the ‘Oyster lady’ and owner of Amity seafood, Newquay.
The oysters used are wild ‘Pacific oysters’ or ‘Rock oysters’ from the Fal estuary, a non-native species that needs to be controlled and tastes amazing! Only use oysters that have been purified properly by a licenced oyster merchant. The oysters used in this recipe came from Cornish Shellfish Limited. Find out more about wild Pacifc oysters here.
Serves one 


Cooking time: 5 minutes 

  1. Shuck the oysters into a sieve in a bowl to catch the oyster liquor (You can use this for other recipes including a mixer for Dirty Martinis!). Unsure how to shuck an oyster? Watch our how to guide here: how-to-shuck-an-oyster
  2. Melt some butter into a small frying pan and add the strained oysters. Gently turn with a wooden spoon until coated with butter.
  3. Season with black pepper.
  4. Cook gently until heated through, be careful not to over cook and make the oysters too tough. 5 minutes maximum should do it.
  5. Whilst the oysters are cooking, dip 1 sheet of rice paper carefully in water so it’s completely covered and lay on a marble chopping board.
  6. Place the nasturtium leaves and flowers along the middle section of the rice paper so that when you fold it they will show through on the top, then add the butter poached oysters and green salad leaves. You can also season with mayonnaise and or mustard depending on your taste.
  7. Roll one edge of the rice paper over the filling and tuck under the filling to keep it compact and tightly packed. Then fold the edges in and finally roll the whole thing over to bring the nasturtiums to the top and seal the roll.
  8. Serve with anything you fancy; a dip, some fries or just eat as a snack on the go. Chilling in the fridge will firm up the roll and you can have it for convenient and exotic pack lunch options.

Native Oyster

Sail and Oar

Truro river and Fal Estuary

Sustainably harvested using lightweight dredges that are towed by traditional sail boats and rowing boats. The unique management of this fishery has resulted in a sustainable harvesting regime that has kept stocks healthy for 150 years.

Pacific oyster

Hand Collection


Hand collection of feral oysters is one method to keep wild populations of this non native species under control. The MCS methodology does not currently allow rating Non native species, however it is recommended by Cornwall Good Seafood Guide



Farmed on the shore in semi rigid plastic mesh cages. Rating is provided using the MCS aquaculture ratings methodology.

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