About Us

THis website helps us all make good SUSTAINABLE choices when chosing cornish seafood. 

We need to support the Cornish fishermen who are operating responsibly and use our buying power to incentivise further improvement TO THE INDUSTRY.

Project aim:

To provide clear and accurate information to help us all make environmentally informed decisions when purchasing locally caught seafood. 

Reasons to choose Cornish:
The Cornish fishing industry is well managed and highly regulated. Our fleet has reduced significantly in capacity over the last 20 years, and this combined with improved stock management at an international level has resulted in an industry that is more sustainable than ever before. The Cornwall Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (CIFCA) proactively manage our inshore fisheries, and constantly carry out research to further our knowledge.  
Cornish waters have a high level of protection through a variety of environmental legislation. This includes protected areas such as the network of Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) and new Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs).
In addition, fisheries legislation such as the mackerel box, the hake recovery plan, and the fishing industry-led seasonal Trevose closure, have contributed to the sustainable management of our fisheries.  
Cornish fishermen use a wide variety of different fishing methods and catch over 60 different species of fish throughout the year. There are many examples of direct improvements being made to capture methods in Cornwall that help make our fisheries some of the most sustainable in Europe.
Who is leading the project?
Cornwall Wildlife Trust, the leading local wildlife charity that works to protect Cornwall’s wildlife and wild places, are working on this EU and MMO funded project project in partnership with representatives from all sectors of Cornwall's fishing industry. To better protect the sea we believe it is vital to work with the fishing industry, as healthy seas lead to more productive fisheries.  

‘Healthy seas supporting productive fisheries’