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Falcatch Ltd


Falcatch speciealise in live and chilled Cornish seafood.  We have over 30years in the fish and shellfish industry. Based in Falmouth in the heart of Cornwall we supply hotels and restaurant's & fishmonger's all over the county of Cornwall and also supply wholesale in the united kingdom France, Spain, Holland and the rest of Europe.
 We pride ourselves on providing the very best sustainably sourced seafood, almost all from Cornish waters, throughout the seasons of the year. Without doubt, one of the most important factors in our business is the sourcing of sustainable species. With this in mind, we work hard to source sustainable fish and shellfish from the local Community and further afield, with the aim of minimising the effect of overfishing, thus ensuring the survival of livelihoods and species for years to come.
 Much of the shellfish we sell comes from the Fal fishery, caught under sail and oar. This traditional method of fishing has not only preserved a way of life for local fishers but it has helped the fishery remain sustainable for generations. 

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