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Calling all seafood businesses 

We need your help! 

We have created a valued website which has over 10 thousand new visitors per month..

Our symbol is a widely respected Cornish brand, helping us show the world that we are proud of our sustainable seafood industry.

We work tirelessly behind the scenes to help fishermen and our local fishing industry thrive. 
But the project can only continue with your help.

Become a supporter of Cornwall Good Seafood Guide 

As a business owner, manager or chef, you can help us make a real difference by choosing and highlighting sustainable seafood to sell to your customers. By supporting Cornwall Good Seafood Guide you are able to easily demonstrate the sustainable decisions you may already be making, and directly fund our work to facilitate change across the county.
We educate the public and businesses about which seafood to choose, why choosing sustainable species is important and the impact on our seas if we continue to eat unsustainable seafood.


Which businesses can apply?

Any business that supplies Cornish seafood, whether direct to consumers or to other businesses, can join us. You could be a fisherman, restaurant owner, chef, pub manager, retailer or seafood supplier.  
By joining as a Business Supporter we will guide you and your team, ensuring that you make the most of your membership. 
Your staff and customers will surely appreciate your association with our positive work and by visiting our website will see the benefits of choosing sustainable Cornish seafood.

What is required to join?

To join as a business supporter and be recognised as a sustainable seafood business you simply need to:
Agree to supply customers with fresh Cornish seafood recommended by Cornwall Good Seafood Guide (at least two species, or more if you can).  

Display the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide logo prominently for the public to see. 
Label recommended seafood wherever possible.  
Pay a membership fee (all funds go towards sustaining the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide project).

We understand that to run a successful business you may also need to sell species that are not on our recommended list. We ask that you do not use the logo to promote these.

Thank you for taking action

Your membership keeps the project sustainable as all funds are routed directly back to the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide. 
Your membership includes:
  • Regular seafood sustainability grading and project updates.
  • A listing on our website in the ‘where to buy section’.
  • Use of the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide and Cornwall Wildlife Trust logo for brand association. 
  • A framed certificate and window stickers.
  • Additional leaflets and stickers to further educate staff and customers.
  • We can also provide training for your staff on seafood sustainability. A small fee is charged for this service in some cases. 

For more information and to sign up your business please email



Cornwall Good Seafood Guide is underpinned by the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) Good Fish Guide. The first UK consumer guide to sustainable seafood. For more information visit

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