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Sustainable Cornish Seafood

We can all help our oceans by making well informed decisions when choosing seafood. Look for Cornish seafood labelled with our recommended symbol. Here are a few species from our recommended seafood list.

Why should we care

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Pacific oyster

Pacific oyster

Magallana gigas

Method: Farmed



Hommarus gammarus

Method: Potting



Palaemon serratus

Method: Potting

Carrageenan seaweed


various species

Method: Hand Collection



Pleuronectes platessa

Method: Gill Netting

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Meet the Fisherman

Danny Gilbert

Danny Gilbert

Port: Newquay

Danny Gilbert is a young Newquay fisherman who uses the sustainable method of potting to catch crab, lobster and spider crab. 

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Jake Gilbert

Port: Newquay

Jake has been running Serene for the last 8 years and fishes sustainabily by potting for crabs and lobsters out of Newquay harbour.



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