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Why choose sustainable seafood?

There are many reasons! 


No one wants to see our oceans depleted. When well managed, fishing is the most efficient way of providing healthy, quality protein to feed our growing population. But we all know what happens when things go wrong. Overfishing and environmental damage have been a scourge of the fishing industry world-wide, including in our own waters. In recent years fishing has been arguably more sustainable and better managed than ever however, since brexit our fisheries management system is changing and it is a crucial time for us all support sustainable fishing. It is vital that the public continue to care and one of the most important things we can do is to choose our seafood carefully.
Cornwall Good Seafood Guide is here to help us all make good seafood choices; We provide detailed information on all the seafood landed to Cornish ports by Cornish boats, and we rate it all on sustainability, using the Marine Conservation Society system, meaning all our scores are comparable with ratings from around the world, all of our scores also feature on the MCS Good fish Guide
We think it is vital that we all support fishermen who fish sustainably and we hope to influence continued improvement in the industry for years to come. 
Our website helps you make good choices and introduces you to a community of like minded businesses who supply sustainable seafood, we provide recipes and how to guides and we invite you to meet the fishermen who risk their lives to put sustainable seafood on your plate! 
We also call on business selling Cornish seafood to join the movement and to help spread the word by signing up as business supporters of Cornwall Good Seafood Guide.
We hope this site encourages you to take the plunge - to seek out Cornish sustainable seafood and to re connect with our local fishing industry. 
If you support our project and you want to help fishing continue to improve in Cornish waters what can you do to help
find out here! 
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Cornwall Good Seafood Guide is underpinned by the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) Good Fish Guide. The first UK consumer guide to sustainable seafood. For more information visit

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