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Bonnie Grace


Bonnie Grace

Image | James Roberts

Boat name

Bonnie Grace

Fishing Method

Gill Netting, Hook and line, Potting

James has been around fishing, boats and harbours since he was 9 years old and started himself when he left school and then brought his first boat when he was 19. Hes had the Bonnie Grace for 6 years, working nets, pots and handlines in Mounts Bay, and prides himself in the quality of fish he catches. He fishes with selective static nets to target the specific species and size.

James is still selling his catch during the Covid-19 crisis and is delivering within a 10 mile radius of Newlyn/Penzance! To get fresh seafood for example monkfish, turbot, brill, ray wings, crab, lobsters and the occasional crawfish, contact him on 07583875906 or visit his facebook page here

Fish Caught

Brill by Marc Dando


Scophthalmus rhombus



Hommarus gammarus

mackerel by Sarah McCartney


Scomber scombrus

White Monkfish

Monkfish, white

Lophius piscatorius

Pollack by Sarah McCartney


Pollachius pollachius

Small eyed ray by Marc Dando

Small eyed ray

Raja microocellata

Spider crab by Sarah McCartney

Cornish King Crab

Maja brachydactyla

Spotted ray by Marc Dando

Spotted Ray

Raja montagui

Thornback ray

Thornback ray

Raja clavata



Psetta maximus

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