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Phil Trebilcock


Phil Trebilcock

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Phil has been fishing from Newquay since he was a boy. He fishes for crab and lobster using pots, and he works the grounds from St Agnes up to Padstow and often a fair distance out. 

Spider crab are caught during spring and early summer in large numbers off Newquay, and Phil thinks its a real shame that locals and visitors don't realise the quality of this delicious crab. The vast majority of the Newquay catch of spider crab get exported to Spain where they are in big demand and are better appreciated. Sadly the fishermen are at the mercy of flucutating markets and in recent years have had to sell their catch at drastically low prices. Phil would love to see more people eating fresh Cornish spider crab. 

If you would like to know more about buying lobster and crab from Phil please contact him via Facebook Loyal Friend PW 12 | Newquay | Facebook or on 077219 42954. 

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Spider crab by Sarah McCartney

Cornish King Crab

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