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Oyster Po’Boy

Oyster Po'Boy by Katy Davidson
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Katy Davidson



An indulgent and filling New Orleans style roll on a sweet brioche with lashings of home made tartar sauce, rocket and three crisp and juicy tempura fried oysters. Contrasting flavours and textures make for a moreish comfort food option. 
This recipe is brought to you by Katy Davidson the ‘Oyster lady’ and owner of Amity seafood, Newquay.
The oysters used are wild ‘Pacific oysters’ or ‘Rock oysters’ from the Fal estuary, a non-native species that needs to be controlled and tastes amazing! Only use oysters that have been purified properly by a licenced oyster merchant. The oysters used in this recipe came from Cornish Shellfish Limited. Find out more about wild pacific oysters here.
Serves 1


For the Tempura Batter:



Cooking time: 10 minutes

  1.  Heat the oil in advance to 180 degrees - if you don’t have a cooking thermometer simply drop a small piece of bread in to test the heat.
  2. First prepare your tartar sauce, simply blitzing a few gherkins and capers into some mayonnaise makes super fresh and tangy tartar sauce with a nice crunch. Easy to do and worth it for the added flavour and texture.
  3. Shuck the oysters into a sieve in a bowl to catch the oyster liquor (You can use this for other recipes including a mixer for Dirty Martinis!). Unsure how to shuck an oyster? Watch our how to guide here: how-to-shuck-an-oyster
  4. Prep your hotdog style roll by splitting and filling with tartar sauce and crispy rocket leaves.
  5. Prep the Tempura Batter immediately before using by mixing the flours and water together briskly.
  6. Pat the oysters with kitchen towel, dip in the cornstarch then dip in the batter and lower gently into the frying basket and cook for 2-3 minutes.
  7. Remove and place on fresh kitchen towel to absorb excess oil then push 3 oysters in to the tartar sauce and rocket then sprinkle with chilli flakes and serve.

Native Oyster

Sail and Oar

Truro river and Fal Estuary

Sustainably harvested using lightweight dredges that are towed by traditional sail boats and rowing boats. The unique management of this fishery has resulted in a sustainable harvesting regime that has kept stocks healthy for 150 years.

Pacific oyster

Hand Collection


Hand collection of feral oysters is one method to keep wild populations of this non native species under control. The MCS methodology does not currently allow rating Non native species, however it is recommended by Cornwall Good Seafood Guide



Farmed on the shore in semi rigid plastic mesh cages. Rating is provided using the MCS aquaculture ratings methodology.

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